Inside Out: as an Adult

I’m a big fan of “little kid” movies or “Disney” movies. They are, for the most part, light-hearted and magical. There is one particular movie on my mind today and that is the movie “Inside Out”.

If you have seen this cute little film you will get my references, but for the rest of you I will explain. The main characters in the movie are a child’s emotions: Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger, and Bing Bong. These emotions act throughout the movie and react to situations that are then portrayed through the child’s behavior. Bing Bong is an elephant of sorts and encompasses the imagination and “fun” side of our youth.


I think this is great movie for kids and really for adults. When traversing through life’s emotions as a young child we really are not equipped to manage them. It is very similar to waking up after being under anesthesia. There are tears, fear, sadness, joy, and anger all at the same time and we have no idea what we are doing with them!

So what am I really getting at here? How can we as adults better manage ourselves Inside Out?


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Each person is different and have stronger feels than others. Some may appear over joyous ALLLLL the time….. and when you are around these people a few things can happen:

  1. Give it up Shelia… no one is that happy.
  2. You are charged by their energy.
  3. You are pessimistic of their attitude because you are not as joyous.

What the French toast does all of that even mean? It means……. FIND WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY!

If hanging out with Shelia really gets you pumped….. then hang with Shelia.

If sitting in a quiet room reading and petting 20 cats brings you joy…. DO IT! (but then consider the health risks of 20 cats in 1 room…. or maybe you are reading in the cat department of the Animal Shelter, that’s cool too)

If being a Shelia and charging others with positivity is your thing… do the thing.


Sadness is a tricky witch; morphing from anger or fear. Heck…. I’ll quote the movie HOME and even declare “SAD MAD” a real thing!  I think sadness and fear are hand in hand skipping down the grey road of life. Frolicking in your insecurities, worries, and tugging on your heart strings.

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So how do you wrangle sadness? (Because a box of Kleenex will only absorb the tears of your fallen soldier feelings.) Find out what is causing the sad, because I don’t think sadness comes alone. What are you afraid of? Why are you angry? Did Shelia piss in your cheerios?

Find the source, and then look for Joy.



Like a well worn set of tires waiting for the right moment to pop; Anger.

That is an interesting one. Sometimes in the depths of fear and sadness you reach down in your basket of options of Fight or Flight responses and you grab the gnarliest emotion that is bitter, rude, short, and on fire. That is anger.

Often times it is easier to jump to anger than it is to process a response or react properly to a situation.


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It takes a butt ton of “self” not to let that anger wench out of the bag. Sometimes she slips out, and slugs her way across the table only to cover your victims in that nasty slug stuff. That gooey, slimey, gets stuck between your toes when you step on a slug…. that stuff. Your situation ends up the same way. The other person feels as though they are covered. Neck deep in emotion according to your response. Its too late. Anger is a hard one to take back. Use it sparingly and never truly let the slug out of the bag.



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