Breast Cancer for Dummies

April 2015.

The day you found out that you were dealt the Joker in the deck of cards, that life is a harsh mistress, the moment that someone twisted your egg timer and set it on the stove.

Of course it is a pink egg timer. cee491121aab50ef2dd811797760a082--kitchen-timers-pastel-pink

 October 2015.

People are tossing around “Save the Tatas”, “Susan G. Komen Race for the CURE”, “KFC Buckets for the Cure”, and cosmetic companies promoting their products that “support the fight against breast cancer”. Doesn’t anyone see the problem with this?!?


All of these companies that supposedly give a rats ass about cancer…. have cancer causing agents in their products.  But here they are flaunting their support and practically rubbing it in our face. Think about it… KFC donates 50 cents for every pink bucket of Fried Chicken sold to Susan G Komen cause. We all know that fast food and fried foods are contributors of many diseases including cancer. So who does Susan G. Komen really have in mind.


My favorite is in 2011 when the Susan G. Komen supported the creation of a perfume called “Promise Me”. That was not organic by any means and contained endocrine disruptors.

What are you really supporting when you “run for a cause”? Unless it is going straight to an individual…. you are barely a drop in a bucket.  Don’t be fleeced by the Pinkwashing façade. Do your research.

April 2016.

It has been a year since you were first diagnosed. You have undergone chemo. The doctors and you decide that a mastectomy was pointless. It has spread to far. You were one of the many that are swept under the table to fight your own battle of Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer.

October 2016

So here is the humor in the PINK PROPAGANDA. People posting sexualized photos of women not wearing bras with nipples protruding through the front of their shirts to raise breast cancer awareness. Let us draw attention to the things that take the lives of many daily. Show the world what monsters they really are and warp the image we have of a woman’s body. Ironic that it is okay to sexualize the breast that gives life and nourishment through breastfeeding ,which you should never do in public, but it is okay to have a scantily clad woman revealing her breasts to raise awareness.

Breast cancer is not pretty. For some it is scars that will never fade, emotions that tear you apart daily, or the feeling you get a few days after chemo where all you want to do is sleep. It’s those moments in your day where you know you are fighting for your life just to see your grandbabies grow up.

April 2017

Another year has gone by and you can count yourself lucky or unlucky. Every breath you breathe is a gift of life. Your outlook on life is that of gratitude and cherishing every moment.


October 2017

Do yourself and every woman out there a favor. Don’t fall for the “Fight For a Cure” trap. I tip my hat to those who have survived chemo, mastectomies, radiation and countless untitledhours of depression.  October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness. These women account for roughly 30% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer whose cancer then progresses and spreads. Yet a very miniscule amount of funding goes towards finding a cure.

Do your research, run a local race where all proceeds go directly to a bad ass woman who is fighting daily.

Pray. Promise to love. Always be kind. Forgive quickly. Live abundantly. and cherish those little moments!





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