Chickens and Jesus


You wake up after your alarm, late to work again. You almost hit a chicken crossing the road. You had a bad dream the night before. You failed a test you studied so hard for. You find out your mother has terminal cancer. You wreck your car. You pop off and say something ugly to someone you love. You are a hardworking husband who can’t spend much time at home because you have to work to provide.You barely make a deadline at work. You have overly anxious moments that leave you feeling helpless. You lose your job and stress about how to pay your bills. You were raped. You have been diagnosed with a disease that no one can treat. You lose your wife of 30 years and wasn’t ready to see her go. You are an overworked mother whose kids are currently running laps around the house. You are a senior in high school who isn’t sure what you are “going to do when you grow up”. You’ve lost a child.

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Ditchin’ and Switchin’: Thieves!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a bargain? But a bargain that doesn’t compromise quality.

I’m talking about going to the store and buying the cheapest dish soap….. you may have saved yourself a dollar, but YOU KNOW that stuff don’t cut grease any better than a stick of butter!

My recent ditchin’ and switchin’ consisted of THIEVES…. ALL THE THIEVES

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