Essential Oils 101

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant. They are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes, roots, fruit, rinds, resins, and herbs.

Oils consist of over 100 different natural, organic compounds. These oils have the ability to provide support for EVERY system in the human body. Let’s get a refresher in the systems found in the human body:

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Critter Lovin’ Self

I wasn’t raised on a farm per say. My grandparents had a horse farm and ran cows. My parents let us kids have a few rabbits and other random critters growing up, but nothing like a full blown tiny farm. It is because my childhood was full of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, squirrels, owls, snakes, and whatever else me and my siblings could get our hands on, I am where I am today. Deep down in my critter loving soul has always been a strong desire to raise and care for animals of all shapes and sizes.  Ya see folks, if you have something engraved into your genetics, your blood, and your brain…. you can’t help but to follow your passions.

Story Time…..

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Art You Wear

First off, I am not the type of gal to wear a butt load of jewelry. My accessories consist of my wedding rings, a silver Peace ring my parents gave me, and maybe some stud earrings. It wasn’t until I discovered a local Arkansas artist that I found my obsession with jewelry. I discovered the DIY-er of all DIYs!

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~Water Squirrel~

In the Black Hills of Wyoming we don’t get much for moisture. The snow is dry, the air is dry, and I think even the rain is dehydrated. So as you could imagine gardening is labor intensive compared to gardening back home in the Natural State. I am sitting here watching the rain this morning and am thankful that my husband has attached rain barrels to all corners of the house to harvest every drop of water we can just so the water bill isn’t through the roof. And shoot, you know how much water you can harvest ? Let’s do some average math: 1,000 sq ft roof and .3 inches of rain (which is a GOOD rain here) and that my friends is 300 gallons! Each rain barrel is 50 gallons… you do the math; I NEED STORAGE!

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:Meet the crew:

There is not a true alarm clock in the sense of an electrical time keeper that sounds in the morning to get my husband and myself out of bed. What we have ladies and gents  is a top of the line system! Equipped with four legs, floppy ole hound ears, and the sweetest morning whimper. This is Nanner our 11 year old beagle.

Nanner! My best sidekick EVER

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So there I was…

So there I was sitting and wondering what makes people start writing a Blog? Casting your thoughts and feelings out into the air for everyone to see. Then I figured it’s a lot like putting your panties on the clothesline at the mercy of a strong Wyoming wind with the possibility of them ending up….anywhere. My hope is that you like what you see hanging on my line and you are intrigued and inspired to read on. My intentions with this blog is to share life’s greatest gifts, humoring accounts of adventures here on the farm, and show you many ways to live a simple life in this fast paced world.

Naturally I’ll do an introductory post so you can meet the farm crew. I’ll also toss in some DIYs, because who doesn’t love those, and of course the rest is an ADVENTURE!!